Tear Trough Filler (Under Eye Filler)

Tear trough fillers, also known as under-eye fillers, are dermal filler injections used to restore the lost volume of the under-eye area, for a fresher, rejuvenated look.

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tear trough filler treatment

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Treatment Prices

£450 for 1ml or £650 for 2mls

How many sessions are needed?

1 treatment session

How long does it take?

15 minutes

What is the recovery time?

2 - 4 weeks

How long do results last?

Up to a year

Tear Trough Filler Before & Afters

What Do Tear Trough Fillers Do?

Tear trough filler is an injectable treatment used to address the loss of volume in the under-eye area. It is a hyaluronic acid filler, a gel-like substance that naturally exists in our body and that can give you a natural radiance boost.

During this procedure, dermal filler is injected into the under-eye area that has been hollowed out. This is done gently via a cannula, which transfers hyaluronic acid into the area.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural protein in the body that stimulates healthy skin, and dermal fillers for tear troughs are designed to promote vitality and smoothness to the skin beneath the eyes.

What Are the Tear Trough Filler Benefits?

Tear trough filler is considered one of the most natural ways to restore lost volume, plump hollows, reduce dark circles and rejuvenate the under-eye zone.

The benefits of tear trough filler are:

- Excellent results – Your facial expressions will remain unaffected, which means your skin will look more radiant and younger, but your face will never look dramatically different.

- Reduces dark circles and removes hollowness to the under-eye area

- Adds volume and vitality to the eye area

- Painless and non-invasive

- Amplifies collagen production and creates better skin quality

- Long-lasting results – up to 18 months

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Tear trough fillers can be a life-changing treatment to immediately improve the appearance of your skin and give you back all the confidence you need to feel beautiful.


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Tear Trough Procedure

- Your first step will be a friendly consultation with Dr Ahmed, detailing your past medical and cosmetic history. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any question and address all your concerns. You will also receive a detailed overview of the procedure, its risks, and expectations you should have.

- Dr Ahmed will analyse your facial anatomy. The aim of tear trough filler is to improve the loss of volume in the under-eye region while keeping your natural facial proportions.

- The procedure itself lasts about 10 minutes. After this, a follow-up appointment is usually scheduled.

- Before you leave, we will make sure you are aware of the tear trough filler aftercare procedures, and we will answer any more questions you may have.

- You can resume your normal activities after the procedure and, of course, you can always ring or email our clinics for any questions.

Dermal Fillers for Tear Troughs Fillers vs Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery) and under-eye fillers are both effective cosmetic treatments to improve your under-eye area, but they are two completely different procedures.

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure to treat sagging skin tissues and puffiness in the under-eye region. An incision is made under your lower eye to remove the excess skin and gat tissue, The results are permanent but, like any other surgical procedure, it involves an extended recovery period. After the surgery, you will experience bruising and swelling for several days, you the risk of complications is higher than with other treatments.

Eye fillers specifically target hollowness in the under eye region. Tear trough filler restores the skin’s elasticity and youthfulness, and it is performed through micro-injections of hyaluronic acid in your under-eye area. Results are temporary, but there is no recovery period and little to no risks.

To find out which treatment would work better for you, request a call back and schedule a consultation with The Aesthetics Doctor to discuss your concerns and cosmetic goals.

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