Skin boosters

An effective method for rejuvenating the skin is to use skin boosters to restore your natural appearance. This type of treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin, along with other helpful compounds like amino acids and vitamins.

The benefits of the treatment include improving skin texture, promoting vitality and reducing the signs of ageing. Quick and efficient, skin booster treatment can be carried out multiple times to ensure that your skin remains bright and healthy.


Microneedling is another viable option for treating dull skin. During this process, a series of tiny needles prick the skin, forcing the area to heal and produce new collagen. This results in smoother, firmer skin.


Another way to treat dull skin is to find a suitable chemical exfoliation product or consider physical exfoliation.

Chemical exfoliation removes dead skin cells and promotes healthy regeneration using a range of substances, such as:

Alpha hydroxy acids – These chemicals come from natural substances like food and help to create smoother skin.

Beta hydroxy acids – These chemicals reach deep into the pores and have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They are recommended as a treatment for acne.

Physical exfoliation involves using a product that requires a scrubbing motion on the skin e.g., a skincare scrub or sponge. These types of products contain small particles such as sugar or salt, which are rubbed against the surface of the skin to remove dead cells. The result is smoother and softer skin.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

Getting older is a common cause of dull skin and it may be especially pronounced on the face. Anti-wrinkle treatment is a good option because it helps to revitalise the skin and restore a youthful appearance.

Anti-wrinkle treatment involves injecting a toxin into the designated area and softening up lines and skin contours. This type of treatment doesn’t require any downtime and results last between 3 – 6 months.

Vampire facial

A vampire facial makes use of the body’s own natural healing properties, which are found in the blood. Plasma exists in the blood and when it’s used in the context of skincare it can have phenomenal results.

The process works by blood being extracted from one area of the body and then placed through a special machine that separates plasma. The plasma is then injected back into the skin and stimulates the growth of new collagen.


Whether you suffer from dull skin, acne or sun damage, we offer bespoke skincare consultations that are designed to fit your needs.

We can provide ongoing recommendations on the most suitable skincare ingredients, such as alpha hydroxy-rich exfoliation creams or hyaluronic acid products. Our staff are on hand to answer any questions you have, so get in touch today for more information.


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