The pricing for our brow lift treatments is dependent on location:

Botox injections

Manchester & Leeds £200
London £300


Non-surgical Brow Lift

£200 per thread in all locations and usually 2 threads are recommended.

How many sessions are needed?

For Botox treatment it’s 1 session and then an optional follow-up session may be needed 2 weeks after initial treatment. The second meeting is free of charge.

For non-surgical brow lift threads it’s 1 session.

How long is the procedure?

10 minutes for Botox and 30 minutes for the thread lift.

What is the recovery time?

There is no recovery time and results are visible after 2 weeks. There may be up to 2 weeks of recovery with the thread lift.

How long do results last?

3 – 6 months for Botox injections and 6 – 12 months for threads.

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